Jonathan Ostrander

Web Development

I work on small web development projects in my spare time. The projects that I work on are usually related to my personal life in some way. With each project my first goal is to make something that will make people say "This is pretty cool".



Untappd Checkin Visualization

Flask Spectrometry

Data Analysis Tool for Spectrometry Data

type chime

Hear the Music Your Words Create

No Context

Put Random Quotes on Random Images

Neopet Tracker

Neopets Scraper and Visualization
Netflix Channels

Netflix Channels

Group Netflix Shows into Channels


I am currently working under Gregory Denbeaux at the SUNY CNSE. Dr. Denbeaux's research is currently split into two areas, the study of secondary electrons induced by EUV photons in photoresists and the study of nanoscale particle dynamics (specifically in clean rooms and lithography environments).

My research is spread out between a few projects in both of these areas. These projects include engineering a test stand to perform dissolution rate monitoring measurements, developing data analysis tools for the secondary electron experiments, and, in the near future, studying particle trapping in molecular flow geometries.

Dissolution Rate Monitor

The first project that I was given as a graduate student was to repurpose an unused Filmetrics thin film measurement tool as a dissolution rate monitor. The tool uses a fiber optic to emit and receive light across the visible spectrum normal to the thin film being measured and calculates the film thickness that produces the closest match between a theoretical interference pattern to the reflected signal.

The tool not meant to be immersed in a liquid and requires a lens to focus the light coming out of the tool. The test stand that came with the tool has a fixed arm so it could not be used for dissolution rate monitoring. I decided to prototype a glass encasing for the tool with a lens epoxied to it. Glass was chosen because the developing fluid that it will need to be immersed in is caustic and most metals will not work.

I am currently testing the tools performance with water as the measuring medium. I have been able to get some accurate measurements, but the alignment of the tool has to be precise in order to get a strong reflected signal.

Data Analysis Tools

I have developed a few data analysis tools that are being used by the other researchers performing experiments in our custom electron beam exposure chamber. Two of the tools make up our group's github.

Flask-Spectrometry is a Flask app that converts netCDF files exported by our mass spectrometry to csv files. It also graphs the data from the converted files and allows the user to select the range for when the electron beam was turned on during the experiment as well as a background that it subtracts from that range of data.

ellipsometer-data-analysis is a collection of matlab and python scripts that handle data from an ellipsometer. They can be used to separate exposure spots on test wafer strips and analyze the spot shape of our electron beam.